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CodeTwo offers email signature solutions for the following platforms: Office 365 (Exchange Online), Exchange on-premises and hybrid with Office 365 with centralized mail flow.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 is a centrally managed, cloud-based signature management system for Office 365 organizations. It lets you automatically insert signatures, banners, embedded images, disclaimers and one-click CSAT surveys in selected places in users’ emails sent from Outlook, mobile devices, or any other email clients.

In a nutshell:

Automatically adds signatures to emails sent from any device (including mobiles) Signatures added to emails sent from any device (including mobiles)

Personalize signatures using Azure AD data Personalized signatures – data added from Azure AD

Safe relay technology within MS datacenters Safe connectors - your email is relayed only inside MS data centers

Insert signatures under latest reply/forward Add signatures under latest replies/forwards, create different internal and external signature design

NEW! Display email signatures in users' Sent Items folders View email signatures in users' Sent Items folders

Easily add images and banners Add images and marketing banners to promote your business on the fly

Use user’s Office 365 profile pictures in signature templates Use Office 365 users' photos in signature templates

Add social media links in email signatures  Add personalized social media links to email signatures

Compose signature templates in HTML editor Design signature templates using a built-in HTML editor

Office 365 Email Signatures visible while you type Signatures visible when composing an email

24-hour technical support World’s only tool with 24-hour support

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