Horizon IP Phones

Horizon phone system are ideal for the small office. Each handset has its own "line". Want another line? Just add another handset.

Utilising Cisco technology and know how Horizon handsets are an excellent…


We offer a direct replacement for your existing phone system.

Fully IP phones in the office and phones off-site all part of the same network.

Choice of handsets, call recording and monitoring all…

Cloud Backup

For just a few pence a day your data can be backed up automatically to the cloud, no more tapes

ClunkClick backup is competitive and your data is stored in UK data centres.

Enjoy a level of…

Hosted Server

Move your servers to the cloud, accessible from multiple locations, ideal for companies with multiple sites.

Office 365

Are your staff all running different versions of Office? With Office 365 all staff have access to the same version of Office on all their devices, PC, laptop and mobile devices.

ESET Anti Virus

Award-winning technology delivers superior detec


Remotely maintained and managed, your routers are only externally accessible from our office.

Hosted Exchange

A true Exchange solution, hosted in the cloud. An integral part of Office365 Business Premium or as a standalone application