It has always been vitally important to protect your data and in this age of the hacker and spammer it can be a real challenge to keep it safe.

Infected Web Sites, emails bearing Trojans, fake business offers, warning emails from "your bank" are just some of the threats businesses face on a daily basis.

Malware is the scourge of the web - even genuine web sites can be infected and hacked.

Once they have a foothold on your PC or network these malicious programs can be difficult to remove.

We have seen dozens of computers over the last years infected with these programs. Most had anti virus software installed, all of which have proved to be ineffective. Even the big names have allowed these dangers in.

Best Practice is always the best form of defence, coupled with an effective Anti Virus solution like ESET.

Locking down your PC, Router and Server with a Firewall is also a step in the right direction.

The inexperienced open ports in their router and turn their computers into Spam farms.

Keeping your data safe from the Outside World is only half the story, you also have to keep it in the building.

With the proliferation of portable memory devices (cameras, phones and memory sticks) how do you stop your client database being shared with your competitors? We offer solutions to control the flow of data from your network through the backdoor.

We can provide you with a staff policy for Internet use, recommend software and even hardware to protect you.

With the correct protection in place we can even block certain sites i.e. social media and web mail to keep your staff focused.

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