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To compete in the digital age you need an effective Internet presence and what better way than a well designed, responsive website that you can amend at will.

You are probably more than aware how frustrating Web browsing can be on a smartphone. Scrolling left and right on a small screen ruins the browsing experience. Tablets are no better.

All our web sites are fully responsive. The content doesn't scale down to the smaller screen the layout changes so there is no scrolling left and right and no squinting or zooming in.

Make your site accessible to all your visitors regardless of the device they are using. Make them feel welcome.

We build sites with Drupal, one of the most powerful CMS Site Building applications available.

For sites that require specialist programming we call on our specialist site developing partners. Their porfolio includes some of the most innovative sites developed over the last couple of years for some extremely prestigious clients.


Website design is a complex process.

To start from the ground up requires designers with Photoshop experience, programmers to convert Photoshop images into Drupal code.

Alternatively we can use third party software to generate a Drupal site.

For most applications though the best, most cost effective solution, is to start with a basic existing layout, expand the design and configuration and deliver a stunning site for a fraction of the cost. These sites are not built on templates or drag and drop technology. There is still a lot of coding and design work to be done. The end result is often superior to what a bespoke solution can provide for a fraction of the cost.


Drupal websites are built using CMS (Content Management System).

CMS sites are flexible, highly configurable and easy to add content to.

Once the site is completed the owner will be given a username and password to access the site. From there they can edit text, add content, news items etc.

Adding content to your site is as complicated as using a basic word processor. Coding in the background ensures correct formatting and page layout.

No training courses, no expensive software, no sharp learning curves.

If you prefer we will add content for you as required.


Domains are always registered in the clients name ensuring the clients retains control.

Domains that are hosted on our platform are renewed automatically. The cost is included in the annual hosting subscription.


Once built your web site will need to be hosted.

There are many hosting companies, not all provide a suitable service. We provide a hosting service using a company based in Wales. With Data Centres in multiple locations throughout the UK they provide an excellent platform for our sites.

We charge annually to host websites, the price includes domain renewals.


Search Engine Optimisation makes your website attractive to the Search Engines. The goal is to be at the top of the list on the first page.

Search Engines are becoming more intolerant of "SEO tricks" and these days an honest approach is likely to be as effective.

Site owners have to be realistic, if you are trading nationally and you have 125,000 competitors you are going to have to work very hard and spend serious money to hit page one. Pay per click marketing is probably the only way to go, which can work out very expensive and time consuming to maintain.

If you are one of a dozen companies delivering a service in your target area reaching page one is simpler.